Training of Drilling and Well Intervention personnel in Iran

NORTRAIN have Iranian staff living in Norway, speaking Norwegian, English and Persian, that can run courses in Iran. We can set up IWCF or IADC training in Iran, based on applying on the IWCF and IADC approval we already have in Norway.

NORTRAIN also running:
• HP/HT – Courses
• Stuck Pipe Prevention Courses
• Deep Water Drilling Courses
• Wireline Courses
• Coiled Tubing Courses.

Well Control Certification

IWCF Certification – Drilling and Well Intervention, Surface and Subsea – Level 2, 3, 4
IADC Certification – Drilling, Surface and Subsea – Level 2, 3, 4

Basic Drilling and Well Intervention training/education, based on the Norwegian mandatory training in public school (1 year training) – 4 month training adult students (incl. both theoretical and practical courses), or only 2 month theoretical course. DWST level 1 Course – “Drilling & Well Service Training Level 1 Course”, for personnel working as operator in Drilling or Well Intervention.The DWST level 1 Course is delivered with an IADC DIT Certificate (Drilling Industry Training)

DWST Level 2 & Level 3 Course

Technical School – 2 Years full time in Norway, run as 2 x 18 weeks course, for Driller & Supervisor in Drilling and Well Intervention operations.Some of the Drilling subjects are already delivered by NORTRAIN as single courses for a drilling operator in Iran before the sanctions against Iran.


We also offer E-learning. To start the course on your PC, you must be enrolled to the course at NORTRAIN. We will then send you User ID and password.

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